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8 of the best ‘Instagrammable’ places in London

The City of London is a feast for your camera roll so make sure your phone is on 100% battery – you’re going to need it. Whether you want to plaster photos all over your socials or simply treat your own eyeballs, here are some of the most picturesque places to see in the Square Mile. (Leave the selfie stick at home – these sights command the whole frame.)

St Dunstan in the East

You may feel like you’ve stumbled into a gothic fantasy but this ruined church is actually an award-winning piece of landscaping. With remains overgrown with lush foliage and twisting vines, the ancient arches do a grand job of framing a vista of modern London (see if you can capture a glimpse of The Shard through the ruins).

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - St Dunstan in the East - man looking up at rol plant covered church ruins

St Dunstan in the East

Roof Terrace at One New Change

After the fancy glass lift ride, this rooftop space offers a spectacular view of London’s panorama, dominated by an almost ‘up close and personal’ sight of St Paul’s Cathedral. Also here is Madison’s Restaurant and Bar encouraging that classic ‘cocktail in front of evening skyline’ photo opp.

Please note: the Roof Terrace is currently closed for maintenance. Check One New Change's website for details.

8 best Instagrammable places in London - Roof Terrace at One New Change - man taking picture of woman on balcony with a view of St Paul's

Roof Terrace at One New Change

The Barbican Centre

Picturesque doesn’t always mean classically beautiful. The Barbican, an icon of Brutalist architecture, has been called ugly by some but is revered by many. With references ranging from ancient Rome to French Modernism to Scandinavian design, this Grade II listed building will have you snapping away from every perspective. Start your photographic journey at Lakeside Terrace before weaving through this intriguing estate.

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - The Barbican Centre - view across the lake and terrace to the Barbican centre building, tall block of high rise brutalist flat in the background

© The Barbican Centre


St Paul’s Cathedral

In case of any confusion, a shot of the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral is guaranteed to scream “Yes, I’m in London!” Extra bonus points if you manage to snap a red double decker bus driving by, or frame this beautiful Wren building with seasonal trees.

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - St Pauls Cathedral - view of St Paul's Cathedral spire, glowing orange in the sun set, blue skies.

St Pauls Cathedral

The Fortnum’s Bar & Restaurant at The Royal Exchange

It’s been voted ‘Most Instagrammable Restaurant in London’ by the London Evening Standard, so if you don’t post a photo of this on your socials, do you even understand Instagram? English elegance within the grandeur of The Royal Exchange makes for a very pretty picture – and don’t forget the perfectly positioned cream tea.

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - The Royal Exchange – Fortnum & Mason - grand interior courtyard, soft lounge seating in foreground, decorative bar and arching stone walls in background

© The Royal Exchange – Fortnum & Mason – Helen Lowe

Glass Floors at Tower Bridge

Okay, there is one photo opportunity that requires a selfie – a potentially stomach-flipping picture of yourself on the glass floor of the Tower Bridge walkway (admission fee applies) as the traffic trundles by below. It’s 42 metres above the River Thames and can hold the weight of four black cabs so lie back and relax – let everyone else look at it and feel a touch of vertigo.

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - Glass Floor Tower Bridge - two people lying on glass floor with a view of the Thames below

© Glass Floor Tower Bridge

Sky Garden

It’s a botanical bonanza up in London’s highest public garden at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street. Enjoy the 360-degree view of the city from richly-planted terraces bursting with Mediterranean and South African flowering plants and foliage. Note: Entry is free but ticketed and slots book up fast.

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - Rhubarb at Sky Garden - large open space, heigh glass windows with view of the city, planting in the foreground and bar and seating in the background

© Rhubarb at Sky Garden

Leadenhall Market

The old heart of Roman Londinium, this covered market has survived many iterations but stands today as a beautiful wrought iron and glass arcade with Grade II listed status. Capture the Victorian detailing against elegant contemporary shops for pictures aplenty, then reward your diligent photography work with a drink at a Leadenhall bar.

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8 best Instagrammable places in London - Leadenhall Market - woman smiling and looking across the market, rows of shops in background

Leadenhall Market

Paternoster Square

The Square can trace its origins to medieval Paternoster Row, where the clergy of St Paul’s once walked holding their rosary beads and reciting the ‘Paternoster’, or Lord’s Prayer. From incredible architecture to fantastic markets and beautiful artwork, Paternoster Square is a dream location to explore and get incredible photos. In 2024, a fantastic display of baby animals has taken over the south-eastern corner, presided over by a great mother gorilla. These are interactive sculptures and visitors are actively encouraged to "touch, cuddle and get up close with some of the world's most endangered species". Kids can even climb on their backs, though labels remind us this is "at your own risk". These stunning outdoor artworks are part of "Wild About Babies" by artists Gillie and Marc.

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Large gorilla statue in Paternoster Square.


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