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Binonder Kiccha – The Ballad of a Gallinule Hunter

Presented by Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music

 A rare and exotic presentation of Bengali ancient village opera incorporating captivating myths, fairy-tales, visceral folk music and dazzling dance.

Inspired by Biblical story of temptation and directed by poet Ahmed Kaysher, this 60 minutes gripping Bengali folk ballad explores the conflict between greed vs human instinct, free-will and fatalism through a unique storytelling with the captivating melodies of Bengali folk music and dance. A performance guaranteed to transport you to a rural village of Bengal, to lie beneath its traditional storytelling spot; a Banyan tree draped in hundreds of lanterns.

Dates/Times: 8 September - 6:15pm

Location: Aldgate Square

Duration: 60 minutes

What to expect: music and dance performance

man dressed in yellow clothes on a stage decorated with trees talking to an audience at a theatre

About Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music

Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music is a leading platform for South Asian and other global classical arts. Saudha is critically acclaimed for its series of experimental productions merging poetry, music and painting seamlessly so that each can complement each other.

Saudha's production Frida Kahlo Through Indian classical music at the Royal Albert Hall has been highly praised by prominent ethno-musicologists, music and literature connoisseurs of the city and beyond.

Saudha's lyrics of Love at the SouthBank Centre and at Edinburgh Fringe and Chayanaut through Sebastian Bach at the House of Commons, Taste of Twilight at ICCR, Kolkata and the Welsh Parliament were critically acclaimed by major media and musicologists.

Ahmed Kaysher is the founding director of Saudha, an award-winning poet, fictionist essayist, literature and film-critic. He is the curator of many critically acclaimed festivals that have been running all across the UK and beyond for last 13 years e.g. RadhaRaman Folk Festival, Ghazal Thumri and Kheyal Festival, Saudha Bangla Music Festival, RadhaRaman International Dance Festival, Baul and Viashnav Music Festival, The Gronthee Poetry Festival, World Poetry and Indian Classical Music Festival, Saudha Sarawati Puja – the festival of Joy and happiness. The major contribution of Kaysher is the profound fusion of many different global art forms, bridging of different cultural traditions with classical Indian arts and positioning those works on the world stage bringing a fresh flow of global audiences.

‘Saudha's presentation was 'rhapsody of soul'.’ - Wimbledon Guardian

‘Top-notch and very intellectually constructed presentation of Indian music with other global music and poetry.’ - Yorkshire Evening Post

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