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07.09.2023 – 09.09.2023

BOB, Delivery of all kinds

Presented by L'Arbre à Vache

A deliveryman, BOB, is waiting in front of the door with two boxes. And this is the beginning of the end...

Who would order a withered plant in the last phase of dehydration, a pre-war alarm clock or an already bitten apple?

And how would the delivery man react when he realized he had been stood up in front of everyone?

What if he then decided to have fun with the audience with the help of his old tape recorder?

The scenery is minimalist: it all takes place in front of a door. A delivery man, BOB, is waiting in front of the door with two boxes. And this is the beginning of the end: engaging in methodical looting, BOB then becomes – with more or less success - a conjurer, a mime, an acrobat, a leek torturer, and a blade swallower.


7 September: 3.45pm & 6pm

8 September: 4.40pm* & 6:20pm* (*please note: updated timings)

9 September: 2:15pm* & 4:15pm (*please note: updated timing)

Location: Creechurch House, Creechurch Lane

Duration: 38 minutes

What to expect: Theatre / Comedy / Interaction / No spoken language / Family friendly / Great for kids

Advisory Notice: Please be advised this performance contains the use of a theatrical cracker which makes a loud noise during the performance. This effect is specially designed and manufactured for theatrical use and performers are expertly trained in its use.

Photo credit: Alexandre Papadopoulos

Watch the show trailer:

About L'Arbre à vache

L'Arbre à vache have been performing street theatre company since 2007 and perform mainly at street theatre street theatre festivals in France (as far afield as French Guiana) and abroad abroad (Italy, England, Spain Spain, Switzerland, Belgium Luxembourg, South Korea and South Korea and Japan). L'Arbre à vache love the universality of of laughter, emotion and wordless encounters. We love the characters that come to life in our shows reflect the beauty human beauty, with all its paradoxes, and the audience can identify with them identify with them and be touched by them.

‘This show is full of surprises. Louis Grison, aka BOB, is irresistible. He skillfully juggles the absurd and irony. He unwraps plants, fruit and vegetables, a broom, an alarm-clock... and hilarious gags and magic tricks.’

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