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07.09.2023 – 09.09.2023

Dinner for All

Presented by Gorilla Circus

A major immersive theatrical circus experience turning Broadgate Circle into a stage.

Come and celebrate the rich history of Bartholomew Fair told through a dinner service like no other. Be mesmerised as Gorilla Circus take you on a journey through the Fair's history and wow you with their impressive skills. A world premiere performance delivered in collaboration with British Land.

Dates/Times: 7 to 9 September - 6:15pm

Location: Broadgate Circle

Duration: 45 minutes

What to expect: Circus / Theatre / Live Music / World Premiere / Family friendly

Advisory Notice: Please be advised this performance contains the use of a theatrical haze machine to create the effect of smoke during the performance.

Aerial dance performance

©Luke Whitcombe photography

Watch the show trailer:


About Gorilla Circus

Gorilla Circus are an independent circus production company based in the UK, delivering interactive, mixed-scale, indoor and outdoor contemporary shows for all ages; comprised of aerial spectaculars and ground-level performances on eye-catching custom structures that include zip lines, hydraulics, moving props, and various FX.

Their artists range from aerialists and wire-walkers to parkour artists and dancers, as well as gifted poets and music producers to help tie our shows together.

Gorilla Circus was born in 2009 from the vision of a former flying trapeze artist on a mission to innovate, improve and create new varieties of spectaculars that tell important stories of real world issues, with unique structures to set the magic onto. A few years later, they are a passionate micro-team, working hard to deliver beautiful, thought-provoking, contemporary circus shows for all ages.

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