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07.09.2023 – 09.09.2023

Mughal Miniatures: The Peacock & The Princess

Presented by Sonia Sabri Company

A vibrant, spectacular interactive dance performance with stunning costumes and expressive movement. A visual treat for the whole family.

Come and see our proud and majestic peacock and our prim and pretty princess roam through the crowds, in Mughal Miniatures: The Peacock and the Princess. Watch them compete for attention from each other and the audience - both are elegant and beautiful so who will manage outdo the other?

Mughal Miniatures is a fun and upbeat outdoor performance event for all the family, which celebrates and takes inspiration from the exquisite traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting. The performers evoke scenes of Indian princely courts and lush gardens, and the glory of the Mughal period but with a contemporary twist which overturns expectations and surprises and delights passers-by. With stunning costumes and expressive movement, this interactive dance performance is a visual treat for the whole family.


7 September: 3pm, 4:15pm & 6pm

8 September: 3:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:45pm

9 September: 1:15pm, 3:15pm & 5:15pm

Location: Aldgate Square

Duration: 30 minutes

What to expect: Dance / Theatre / Walkabout / Interactive / Family Friendly / Great for kids

person in peacock costume

Photo ©Claire Birch

Watch the show trailer:

About Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company is one of the leading contemporary South Asian dance and music companies in the UK. The company has an international reputation for presenting Kathak dance in a contemporary context, without diluting its integrity. The company creates work relevant to modern audiences, that is inspired by Eastern and Western cultures, and the rich possibilities that arise when they meet. Through dance and music, Sonia Sabri Company unearth untold stories, transform lives, and create small miracles.

‘The dynamic between the performers, one being more willing to step outside the box, giving the characters personality.’- Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

‘Talented dancers – their footwork, experiences and costumes.’ - Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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