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Streets with Attitude (SWA)

Presented by Dulce Duca

Hilarious & shocking, it combines roller-skate, juggling and street-theatre in an outrageous & highly original comedy.

SWA is a pure street theatre show about human relationships. Two women meet on the street. One is there to perform, the other is a neighbour who doesn’t like art. The two, with different personalities and an extreme attitude problem, confront each other involving everything and everyone around them.

Dates/Times: 2 September, 3:30pm & 6:45pm

Location: St Paul's Churchyard (Northside)

Duration: 35 minutes

What to expect: Theatre / Comedy / Circus / Family friendly

Advisory Notice: Please be advised this performance contains use of a theatrical smoke grenade during the performance.

Photo credit: Susana Chico

Watch the show trailer:

About Dulce Duca

Dulce Duca conceives absurd and surrealistic shows, that will make you laugh or run away. She's never won any awards but she thinks the audience loves her. Never the less she has been performing all around the world, including Mexico, Brasil, Cabo Verde...

"Loved the show, loved the chaos, Loved that you didn't know what was going to happen next, full of the unexpected and really made us all laugh."

"excellent show, interesting performance style, made me feel very normal. Never seen anything like this, really entertaining and for all ages."

“There is also Catalan-Portuguese artist Dulce Duca, who has an outrageously funny new take on juggling on Streets With Attitude, a collaboration with local skateboarders co-written by local hero Joe Mackintosh;” total Theatre

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