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Signature Brew at City Beerfest!

About Signature Brew

From their state-of-the-art brewery/music venue in Blackhorse Road, London, Signature Brew are creating a world of incredible beer and music, built around people, passion and creativity. They formed back in 2011 during the craft beer revolution and since then they’ve collaborated with more musicians than any other brewery on the planet. In an age where time comes at a premium every moment counts, but none more than those spent enjoying great music in good company. They ensure these times are never compromised; from the moment the first beer hits to the moment the beat drops.

Read on to find out what they are bringing to City Beerfest this year.

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Tasting Notes

Studio Lager

4% ABV | Keg |  Pilsner | Vegan

Slightly sweet, bread and honey-like malt character with a refreshing spritzy carbonation and firm but balanced bitterness helping drinkability. Light herbal hop flavour with a little lemony citrus.

  • Appearance: Clear, golden, effervescent
  • Aroma: Herbal, green tea, light malt
  • Taste: Light herbal hop flavour with a little lemony citrus.
  • Body: Thin

Roadie All Night IPA

4.3% ABV | Keg | Session IPA | Vegan

Zesty citrus and floral hops, with a little underlying tropical fruit. Light cream-cracker malt character, with gentle bitterness.

  • Appearance: Light haze, pale yellow, medium carbonation
  • Aroma: Lime, grapefruit, elderflower
  • Taste: Citrussy, refreshing, soft
  • Body: Thin

Haze Machine

4.8% ABV | Keg | GF Hazy Pale | Vegan

Hazy and Juicy Gluten Free Pale Ale.

Backstage IPA

5.2% ABV | Keg | IPA | Vegan

The beer has the clean yeast character and clarity of a West-Coast IPA, but is relatively low in bitterness and full of juicy tropical fruit hop flavour associated with modern hazy IPAs.

  • Appearance: Fairly clear, golden orange, medium carbonation
  • Aroma: Tangerine, mango
  • Taste: Tropical fruit, orange zest, sweet malt
  • Body: Medium

Black Vinyl

5% ABV | Keg | Nitro Stout | Vegan

A traditional well balanced dry Stout that has a roasted smell and taste with definitive hoppy notes.

  • Appearance: Dark/Black
  • Aroma: Coffee, Malt
  • Taste: Coffee, Roasted
  • Body: Thick

City Beerfest is back this year on 11 July! Tickets now on sale.

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